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logo_01_2Valley Property Services is situated in the town of Ayora, which is at the top end of the lovely Ayora valley and is the biggest of the villages. It features shops, bars and restaurants, schools and a college, plus a twenty-four hour clinic.

As you approach the valley from the town of Almansa to the south, in late winter and through to the spring you will see green fields of cereal crops growing, and the numerous vineyards, as the valley is on the edge of the La Mancha district, one of Spain’s premier wine producing areas.

In early spring, you will witness the mass of beautiful white and pink Almond Blossoms, followed on into the early summer by fields of crimson Poppies.

Nearly all year round you will see wild Rosemary plants in bloom, which contributes to the fame that Ayora enjoys from its production of honey, and is celebrated by the fabulous Feria de Miel held at the beginning of October each year. The valley gently drops down, passing historic villages, until you reach the blue mineral waters of the rivers Jucar and Gabriel, which flow into the lakes. From these lakes there are regular trips in air conditioned boats which meander on the gently flowing rivers, through scenic gorges and towering mountains, and passing ancient hidden castles until you reach the bay of the village of Corte de Pallas, from where it returns to its base at Cofrentes.

The rivers also offer canoeing and kayaking, as well as an abundance of fish of many different species.

On one side of the valley there is a large national park, and throughout this park, and the valley itself, there are an abundance of wild animals, such as boar, deer, goats, hares, and other rare species, as well as various birds including large and small varieties of eagles, hawks, partridges, pheasants, woodpeckers, and many others.

The valley is a must for hikers, mountain bikers, horse riders, bird watchers, fishers, with many other activities possible too.

And for the health conscious, there is the Balneario Health Spa, which is renowned for its healing waters and treatment.

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